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In Memory

Wesley Boeger

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03/26/13 11:16 AM #1    

Holly Huntington (Rock)

Wesley, "Lee" Boeger and his parents were a wonderful plus to the lives of Oakhurst Children. We where taught to Square Dance and entered State compiteition Red Foley attending and joining our group, called the Oakhurst Acorns.

They also provided the local teens with hayrides that were horse pulled and barbeques. Christmas party time at the Boegers was after Caroling and hot chocolate served infront of the cozy fireplace.

Later as teens Lee and I had a Magic Show that went to scout meetings etc. and one performance on the stage at APHS.

Lee was like a brother to me, and he and his family all passed away with the exception of his son in California. The Family cared for the safe fun of the neighborhood children and gave their time and love..many fond memories ...Rest in Peace Lee, Calling out Square Dances and a local job in California Radio...was the last time we spoke on the phone. Meeting on Classmates I am sure it was in October following the 9/11 attack on our country. We spoke for an hour. He was working at a local Radio Station, and did tell me he was still involved with square dancing...following his Fathers footsteps as an excellent caller..His father was called "Wes" ...I found Lee  had been married and had a son.  that he was single at the time we spoke. Still in my heart a brother.

Sat at the round Kitchen table sewing flared skirts and neck bows to match Lees" shirt...his mom was so great to me. Took us all  over to dance.

and in responce  to another freind oh yes....we were in the Civil Air Patrol,  ....flying dog fights over the ocean. and camping on the beach . When the adults decided to stay the night , Lee and I had to walk to a phone and my parents said get yourself home, we called Lees' Mom, and she came and drove us home from Monmouth beach. Boy was I in trouble ....becuse I flew in Dr. Ludekies plane to Monmouth Beach...which, did not go over well...but kicking and screaming the boys put me in the 2 seater for a dog fight...it was scary seeing the ocean over my head...and relizing I was upside down...

it was a time I won't ever forget..Thank you Lee and your Mom and Dad, RIP...

You will always be thought of and remembered fondly.

He was a large part of my growing up in Oakhurst...just a great freind.

Holly Huntington.



06/03/13 04:49 PM #2    

Herb Kingsland

. . .  OKay, trying again -- Lost First notes..

I only knew Lee for a short time, eXactly when.? = bad memory..  Somehow I missed the fun Holly mentioned..  I-guess because my family movwed several times, 1955--1965..  I also worked with Lee, on Magic Shows ... for a short time..  I was the Clown..  Didnt know his parents well or long, but same as from Holly ... ditto + ditto..

Somehow, he got me uP in an aero-plane once, thru the CAP  (.Civil Air Patrol.)  ... her was in it, or connected to it..

I am afraid of a cut-off again . . . make this short, & eXplain later..  Lee had a Twin.!  Ask your Relatives & Friends from the APHS Class-O-1962 (.sixty-Two.)..  Have a look at OUR first time in 8th Grade, photo of Trip to Washington DC..  Look at both sides of that photo.. (.?.Year.?).

Herb Kingsland (.aka HKgeney.) . . . Peace, Out . . . Los Angeles USA

06/12/14 10:57 AM #3    

Holly Huntington (Rock)

Herb, t here were several twins in the 8th grade photo.

we ran down the line as the photographer scrolled along..Lee was an only child.

Our Square Dance Club was held every Sat. in the Boegers Basement , It was a great sucess.

we were 4th graders when it started and lasted until highschool years. At which Time I was the Magic assistant,

we performed all over Lee putting swords through a box in which my head was snuggly plmced...I always had to dress up and he in his silk black cape...we were a sight. I don't recall the clown,,,you must have come along after my family moved to Illinois my second year, on my Junior Year, Lee came to visit at my grand parents he was showing off a new convertable we went for a ride.on 33. who knows, You and I were at that picnic togethre and probably in a show..nice to see someone else who knew the Boeger Family.


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